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ECOWAS Sanctions: Nigeria Cuts Power Supply To Niger Republic


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By Our Correspondent

Some cities in Niger Republic are experiencing rolling blackouts as a result of the country’s coup last week.

The power is only on for roughly an hour at a period for residents of the cities of Niamey, Maradi, and Zinder before being shut off for up to five hours.

Power outages like these in Niger are uncommon, however, the nation is highly reliant on Nigeria as its primary source of electricity.

According to Nigelec, the electricity organizations of Niger, the power cuts are the result of Nigeria halting supply to its northern neighbour.

However, the Transmission Company of Nigeria has declined to comment on the power cuts in Niger.

But a BBC source said the supply to Niger was cut on Tuesday following directive from Nigeria’s presidency.

Sanctions have been placed on Niger by West African trading bloc, ECOWAS, as a result of the coup , but it is unclear if these measures cover electrical supplies.

The democratically elected president of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum, was deposed by his own presidential guards, who were stationed outside his palace last week.

Gen. Abdourahmane Tchiani, Commander of the Presidential Guard, was appointed President while the constitution was suspended.

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