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Chicago State University in US Rakes in Over One Million Dollars From Enquiry About Tinubu’s Certificate


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By GNN Correspondent

A Nigerian Lawyer has claimed that Chicago State University, United States, made over a million dollars as a result of enquiry about Tinubu’s certificate.

“I am a Lawyer, 38 years at the Bar.
I know Labour Party will lose Why?

Obi is saying he won the Election by going for Tinubu initially.
Did Obi come 2nd?
Obi has to first go for Atiku who came 2nd, defeat him, then begin the case with Tinubu.

He didn’t do that
Due process skipped
Obi says he won the Election
Did he have the Spread?
Obi should have brought the results from the 36 States and the FCT in Evidence to show his scores are higher than Tinubu’s scores.
Then he is talking but he didn’t.
Ob in proving he won the 2023 Election was trying to say Tinubu did not attend University in America but forgot Tinubu worked at ExxonMobil.

He attended or not doesn’t even have anything to do with the matter before the Courts.
How do you work at ExxonMobil without a Degree?

ExxonMobil recruits directly from Colleges not only that; they recruit the best Students from the Class.

Tinubu went DIRECTLY from Chicago State University to ExxonMobil!

“The only issue with Tinubu’s academic Status is confusion between University of Chicago and Chicago State University.
They are 2 different Schools.
The former is high class and the latter is middle class.

When you use the former having attended the latter, America believes you are fraudulently trying to gain advantage presenting yourself as Ivy when you are not.

“I use Tinubu’s University issue to counsel my Friends sending kids here that University of Pennsylvania in Pennsylvania State is different from Pennsylvania State university both in Pennsylvania State.

While they are both tops and expensive, one is an Ivy League while the other is not.
( You don’t want Tinubu’s Issue I always tell them )

A call to Chicago State University requesting the Books for $15 showed Tinubu graduated from there and was its best Accounting Student!

Now, the School laughs at People calling to inquire if he attended.
They said they are grateful though because the $15 inquiry had helped raised almost a Million dollars for the School”

What a best strategy to generate revenue for University.

Global News Network Correspondent
Global News Network Correspondenthttps://globalnewsnetwork.com.ng
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