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SOWENON Initiative Chairman To Nigerian Leaders; Focus on Nation Building Than Personal Interest


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By Goodluck Ikiebe

Nigerian leaders and citizens have been urged to focus on bringing the Nation back from the brink to a progressive economy.

The Chairman of SOWENON Initiative, Dr Sam Jenfa, who made the call in statement, says this is not a time to play party politics or displaying ethnocentric victim but to work together with the government at the Federal and State Levels in driving the course of our national economy to that of a progressive level which is achievable under the renewed hope agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“As a nation, we have now gone beyond the outcry of the presidential election mandate, and it is high time we reset all the distraction of political propaganda arising from the fake news hanging over the wall of a deluded group of people”.

Jenfa asked, “What is there to achieve from tarnishing the image of our President from the insobriety behaviour stemming from the selfish political ambition of an individual to the highest level of bitterness, which we have never witnessed in Nigeria since the second republic”.

“The theatrical stage performer of a ‘’diehard political predator’’ is very distracting and somehow challenging the progress of our economy regardless of cost implication that could have been donated to the course of humanity in Nigeria as opposed to running to US Court and Chicago State University to verify the academic records of President Tinubu”.

Dr Jenfa advised the aggrieved persons and the other cohort(s) to continue with their constitutional right at the Supreme Court over the outcome of the last presidential election with less distraction as we have mind bugging concern over the state of the economy to focus upon.

“I am sure the nation will appreciate the contribution of a highly experienced and knowledgeable public administrator to rebuild the economy”.

“Hence, on a serious note, I do not think the palliative – handout to the citizens, if at all, distributed to those that matter, is a long-lasting solution to the economic crisis arising from the extinction fuel cost due to the removal of oil subsidy”.

He explained that, a strategic action set up by the Federal Government concerning the removal of oil subsidy has the ultimate potential to free up resources for other aspects of the economy, to reduce energy mismanagement in a way that will promote sustainable and equitable outcomes”.

According to him, “The money derived from the removal of the oil subsidy will promote sustainable and equitable outcomes if it can be reinvested on resources that will improve the economic status of the people such as electric vehicles or buses. Investing in electric buses will meet the social needs of the people as well as to create employment opportunities across the country”.

Dr Jenfa also advised the Federal Government to consider a solution to the energy security by repairing the rundown oil refineries as a matter of urgency.

“The administration of President Tinubu has a great agenda on energy infrastructure, and I will suggest for investment on critical energy infrastructure to be considered with focus on green energy such as solar, wind turbine and biomass, geothermal, biofuels and together with our famous hydro power.
In addition to tackling the economic problem of the country, the food security should be looked into by promoting equitable support to the farmers in a way that will attract increase gross domestic product. The agricultural policy of President Tinubu is highly commendable as it has a great potential to deliver significant outcomes that will overcome the food insecurity, being faced, only if the incentive can be genuinely administered to the farmers by the agencies working on the Agriculture Board with integrity and honesty.

“We have a President with a successful track record of infrastructure development strategy that grown the IGR (Internal Gross Revenue) of Lagos state to a level of N418.99 billion as highest contributor of 32.1% to the revenue of Nigeria as previously reported in my article of February 2023 –‘’ Progressive Nigeria in the hand of his Excellency Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu’’.

“Given the excellent administrative record of President Tinubu as well as his good heart for the economic development of Nigeria, I will strongly recommend for everyone with the best interest of the Nation to support his administration in order to reposition the country to a strong and competitive global economic nation”, Dr Sam Jenfa concluded.

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