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Annie Idibia blows hot as 2Face justifies why men cheat [Video]


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Annie Idibia, a well-known Nollywood actress, confronts her husband, 2Face, as he explains why men cheat even though they like their wives to the moon and back.

Nadia asked the famous couple to discuss the causes of infidelity in marriage on a recent episode of the reality series Young, Famous, and African.

According to 2Baba, adultery is different for guys in that they frequently do it to sate an immediate craving rather than because they have fallen out of love with their partners.

“Like it or not, men are wired like that. A man will love a woman to hell. But maybe he is somewhere, his dcck would just decide something to f*ck,” 2Face stated.

Nadia intruded saying: “No, his mind, not his dcck. It’s not its own entity.”

2Baba interjected, “Okay, however, you look at it, he will fck. But he will not even give a fck about that person. He just wants to sort out that sh*t.”

Annie Idibia who was infuriated interrupted her husband, “Are you talking about generally or you’re talking about yourself? Is this you or your belief?”

See some reactions that followed …

Emini_kabex wrote: “Sue me. I don’t care. I’ll just say it.
Regardless of how much you want to criticize him, line up 100 men behind close doors ,without social media or anybody watching to criticize them , THEY WILL ALL AGREE WITH 2Baba.

Forget what capping people do online… BIOLOGY will forever remain BIOLOGY. Men can compartmentalize sex more than women. Both genders are not the same. It’s not our fault. Blame TESTETERONE.

Nature just fvcked us up. There’s a reason why 1 woman can only give birth to 1 child per year, but 1 Man can bring over 1000 children to earth per year. We are wired like that. Now before y’all go crazy , it’s very bad if you can’t control yourself as a Man.

Cheating is bad and you as a man, the biggest flex you can have ,is controlling your urge and being decent. As a man,once you possess the ability to say “No” to the inner sexual demon in you ,you have won in life.”

Taye9ja stated: “Wrong. It’s just you and your circle oga. Anybody that agrees to this just admitted that they lack discipline too. Argue with yia therapist. 🖐🏾🥴.”

Xpensive_fatima added: “Naturally, women too like to explore but society won’t let us talk about this! 🌚”

Officialdamianwan wrote: “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Tubaba manager did a bad job to let him go on that show extremely high 💨.”

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