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“Legend that abandoned his family, your daughter lost her life and you refused to pick call since then” – Man calls out Osuofia


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A Nigerian man has accused Nkem Owoh Osuofia of abandoning his family and daughter even after she died.

The distraught father, who claimed to be the actor’s in-law, claimed he abandoned his family, resulting in the death of his second daughter, Kosisochukwu

The man released a video of the alleged deceased daughter, which ignited a social media debate, with many criticizing the actor.

Nkem Owoh, according to the man’s charges, has been nasty to his family and has refused to fulfill his responsibilities as the head of the household.

The man accused the actor of prioritizing social media over his family and claimed that his wife’s condition has deteriorated greatly due to his attitude towards them.

The man also alleged that Kosisochukwu begged her father repeatedly on the phone from her sickbed to fly her abroad for treatment, but he did nothing until she eventually lost the fight to cancer.

He claimed that whenever Nkem Owoh is called to render assistance, he claims he’s busy with work on movie sets.

“Osuofia Nkem Owoh’s second daughter is dead, and he refused to take his responsibility. Just watch to the end! The mortuary where Osuofia’s daughter is gave only tomorrow to come and take the girl out from the mortuary. Please share the video so it gets to Nkem Owoh Osuofia.”

“Osuofia I am not trying to tarnish your image. They are calling you a legend but you have abandoned your family. Your second daughter lost her life on 28th of June on Sallah day and since then you’ve refused to answer your call or give attention.

“Tomorrow is the deadline for the mortuary to carry her. You neglected your family and your daughter died. We called you and you said you’re on set. Since then, nobody asked, and nobody brought money. I don’t know what you did to your soul that made you abandon your family.”

Reacting to the post:

One @Sugaranky wrote: “Weather social media or not what would be the problem of abounding ur own children to the point of death, but honestly with this incident Nkem Owo loss the respect I have for him as a legend, chaiiii what shame.”

Maureen Nwafor wrote: “If this is true, it’s so shameful. Even if you have issues with your woman, you should never abandon your flesh and blood….”

Suzzy Chidi wrote: “My take on this is that there should be other ways to go about these things instead of coming to social media to broadcast it, I keep asking myself before the advent of social media how were we really resolving matters? These days it’s as if ppl take delight in coming to social media to drag ppl and at the same time cash out. Not all issues should be brought to this space!”

Harrison Emeka wrote: “So sad I sympathy with the family of nkem owo osufia,I know he can never abandon his daughter even up to death,I don’t want to believe he did that,pls nkem I hope you have seen this video kindly let us hear your own side of story but whatever happen you are wrong by abounding your blood,I always said you can marry more than one wife or you can decided to device ur wife but pls don’t abounded your children take care of them ,so what ever happene b/w you and your wife don’t let the innocent children to suffer of what they don’t know about, Once again my condolences to the family RIP.”

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